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76 Castles In The Sky

 In the beautiful heavens, far, far away from the Gutu empire, in an area that is not accessible by ordinary means, stood an immense structure floating in the sky.

It was a large silvery city. Different kinds of buildings, from large to small, covered most of its surface. They were all unique in some way. Be it in shape, size, and position. Yet they all had something in common, silver.

All of the structures were silvery, shining brilliantly in a manner that made it hard to dislike. The entire city, from top to bottom, was covered in those silvery buildings, making the entire city shine, its splendor made it look Like it was made by the caring hands of deities. Or rather to be more accurate, it was.

The city had many floating structures above it, giving one the impression that the city was divided into levels. Judging from the outer appearance, one could even say that the higher one went, the sites were more lavish and the surroundings looked more imposing.

At the highest level of the city stood only one building, this building was the tallest and the most beautiful of them all. It stood erect, Like a silvery sword piercing the heavens.

In front of the building was a garden, which had many people wandering around in it. Every one of these people was extraordinary, be it in bearing or in appearance.

With a flash, a figure appeared within the garden. No one reacted, as if this was a normal occurrence. This figure was a man. It was Kaguvi; the same Kaguvi who had claimed to be Taku's guardian. Kaguvi was dressed in robes that seemed to be the perfect balance between lavish and simple. He walked through the garden, seemingly unnoticed.

This did not bother him at all. He simply walked on, with the same calm smile he always had. He arrived in front of the entrance to the building.

Two armored guards were standing there, fully equipped and exuding a powerful aura.

As soon as Kaguvi arrived in front of them, however, they immediately kneeled and shouted out, "Kaguvi!"

Kaguvi nodded his head and said, "One of you go to the Guardian Supreme and tell her that I am convening a conclave of the Guardians."

The guards opened their eyes in surprise when they heard what Kaguvi said, but they still reacted quickly. One guard's silhouette flashed, leaving the other kneeling in front of Kaguvi.

"That will be all," said Kaguvi as he waved his hand. Kaguvi walked into the entrance, leaving a surprised guard by the door. Although he had straightened out his expression in time, his heart was still in turmoil.

'Kaguvi is calling for a meeting of the guardians. That means he has finally chosen someone to take on his mantle!'

The normally stoned hearted guard shivered at the effects of this event.


The Conclave of Guardians, the holy land of the Gutu immortals. The Gutu existed in many realms, the one Taku living in being one of countless more. Even among the many species in the multiverse, they were special, hence a special group was created to monitor their activities from high on up.

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The Gutu had violent tendencies and a natural disposition to battle. The Conclave's existence prevented the Gutu from getting wiped out of existence. If it doesn't do its job properly, the other races would not hesitate to team up and wipe them out of existence, they were that much of a threat to the others.

The Conclave was split into multiple areas, each area housing factions. Each faction led by a powerful and important Guardian. These factions constantly fought each other for control over the conclave. Thus there was a need to keep things under control. Every certain time period, the Guardians would host a fighting competition. The winner would gain the most coveted seat of them all, The Guardian Supreme!

The current Guardian Supreme was very strict. She did not care about what was happening in the Conclave, so long as no rules were being broken. Her strength was unmatched and she was feared, rightly so. She was decisive and cruel. Countless lives had perished at her hands, so much so that a baleful aura followed her wherever she went. A ruler truly fitting for the Guardians of the Gutu race.

Not to say that the Guardians were the strongest Gutu, but they held a unique authority within the higher realms.

Rebellion, due to certain circumstances, such as the Guardian Supreme's power, was completely out of the question. So the Guardian Supreme had no need to monitor the Conclave as much as she did, yet she did none the less. She rarely took part actively in meetings, but when she did, her every decision would cause shockwaves across the multiverse.

Nonetheless, someone had to run the city's day to day running. Due to the Guardian Supreme's inactivity in such mundane tasks, the weaker guardians fought for the positions of power within the city.

The twelve great factions were usually even in terms of power but at this particular time, one faction had taken the lead. It was the faction led by Guardian Mugabe. He was a ruthless and spiteful man, but he was also powerful and very clever. The faction closest in terms of power was led by Guardian Nkomo. She was a wise and reserved woman, and she had a lot of backers to support her, though unfortunately for her, a certain event had tipped the scales in Mugabe' favor.

Needless to say that the Gutu people were involved in countless wars among the many domains. Each realm was under the control of a faction leader. To prevent favoritism, the faction leader had to work with people from different factions to run a particular realm. Hence even though the Guardians had formed multiple factions over the ages, they were all quite familiar with each other. The intricate relationships of power between them were not as simple as being decided by factions...