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75 Taku...Or TK?

 TK liked taking simple walks in the park. The radiant sunshine, the chirping of birds and the fresh air all welcomed the young man as he entered the park, but his main reason had nothing to do with simple he was there was a different reason.

TK Liked to pick a spot by a bench that was close to the runner's trail, a spot most joggers in the morning used. There he would sit and observe to his heart's content, TK wasn't much to look at. He was of average height, brown skin, a slim build with an afro adorning his round head Like a crown. Indeed, he was somewhat nothing special, but he did have one weapon in his arsenal of temptation, one he used well.

Many a target passed by TK as he sat but few were worthy of his attention; that was until he saw her. She wore a tight two-piece tight that hugged her delicious curves in an almost sinful manner. Her long black hair cascaded down Like a waterfall, reinvigorating her surroundings. The mountains on her chest swayed from side to side with reckless abandon, while the valley in between them was Like a magnet, pulling all of his attention to her cleavage. Her hips were wide while her sumptuous thighs rippled with a vigor that TK just couldn't resist. Her waist was so narrow one might think her sole purpose in Life was to be held in someone's TK's arms.

Her flawless caramel skin and her brown eyes were the cherries on the cake. TK had found his match. His target. Lola had a lot on her mind that day, and this early morning run was just what she needed to cool off. She needed an outlet to relieve her stress, she needed to feel good about herself again, and she welcomed any form it might come in. But she was often strict on herself.

All of a sudden, a dark-skinned man with shades got in her way. He was not bad looking, but he had a smile shy smile about him that momentarily triggered Lola's maternal instinct. "Excuse me, sorry for bothering you, my name is TK, and I was hoping you could help me out. I'm in a bit of a dilemma you see."

Lola was in a foul mood and about to ignore him, but his silky smooth voice and accent caught her off guard. "Damn he had to have a British accent. Ah, I could Listen to him all day." Lola kept her thoughts to herself and crossed her arms in front of her impressive chest. "Oh, okay, how can I help you." Lola had the intention of telling him off and continuing her run in a bit, but it was at this point that TK unleashed his secret weapon.

He took off his shades and looked straight into her eyes, "It's quite a simple request. I just need you to answer a question of mine." Lola was gobsmacked by his eyes. They were a shade of green she didn't think humans could possibly have, it was as if a pair of unsullied emeralds were staring into her soul. That coupled with his voice was enough to make her lose herself for a bit.

"Ah, erm, oh sure go ahead." She could barely string a sentence together while being stared at Like that, so she reflexively held her arm with her other hand and looked down. For a moment.

"Well, it's quite simple really, when I first stopped you," TK became emboldened at this moment and stepped forth, holding her chin up forcing her to look into his eyes, "What did you think I was going to say?" Lola's mind was in chaos right now. He actually touched her!

The touch was like a spark that had gone off in a room filled with gasoline. All of her nerves were screaming from the excessive feeling that was coming from her chin. Electricity rampaged through her body while thunder boomed in her mind. She couldn't think of what to say. She didn't realize this but TK had subtly moved from his shy demeanor to his confident smirk. He now looked more charming than ever.

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She opened her mouth but didn't quite know what to say. That's when it happened, like lightning TK moved to her lips and kiss her. She wanted to push him away, but her internal conflict made it hard to even do so. Her internal temperature rose while she started feeling moist in her loins.

"Impossible, just from a kiss?" Lola's thoughts ran amok while her body slowly lost the strength to resist. TK's tongue was like an anaconda, burdened with glorious purpose as it swept the recesses of Lola's mouth, much to her delight. TK slowly massaged her sides in a rhythmic movement that made Lola quiver in delight and shiver in anticipation.

Moments later, Lola slowly opened her eyes while their lips slowly separated, that's when she realized it. She didn't just want this man, she needed him...


"Hah!" With a gasp, Taku woke up from the strange dream he was having. It was the first time since he had fully awakened that he had had such a vivid dream about the earth.

"But that wasn't me, I would never do something Like that." In his previous Life, Taku was not much of a socializer. He was obsessed with his work as a programmer and often interacted little with the real world, outside his exercises and work-related meetings.

"Dreams are beyond my understanding, thus you might as well forget about understanding what you just saw lad."

A lazy sounding voice awakened Taku from his stupor. The words were said in a leisurely manner, but they seemed to have an effect on Taku. For a moment he spaced out and laid back down again.

"I need to get paid for this. From that moment on Taku never woke up from his sleep. He slept like a baby, silent and content. After quite some time, the same lazy voice spoke out.

"Get up lad, we have much to discuss."

This time, the man, or rather, Kaguvi's words, had a different effect on the boy, arousing him from his sleep. He looked around only to see that he was back in the throne room he had met Kaguvi in, and the latter was standing above Taku who was lying on the floor.

" I must say I impressed. "