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71 The Sovereigns Intentions

 Let's rewind time a bit.

In a yard, 3 people were seated. Chiwenga was sitting with his trademark frown, while two people were seated opposite. Kuda stood by her master, The Solitary Sword Sovereign, who was grinning like he had won the lottery.

"Brat, what did you have to gain from helping me out? I don't trust people who assist without receiving anything in return." Said Chiwenga while crossing his arms on his chest.

At first, Kuda was only slightly impressed by Chiwenga. Although the man had effortlessly destroyed Kufa and her men, her master was an immortal after all. Now, however, her thoughts on the man had completely reversed.

For as long as she had known him, Kuda had noticed that any and all who knew her master's true identity treated him with awe and reverence. From kings to other immortals. Yet there was a mortal man who dared call her venerated master a brat. Just who was this man?

"To be honest, when I learned that the boy's master was a hero of The War of Sages and Saints, I was gobsmacked. To think I would meet the great Chiwenga himself, it is truly an honor." Said the Sovereign.

"Cut the crap and answer kid." Grunted Chiwenga.

"Sigh, I see tales of you are true. As straight as the arrows you fire. Anyway as Senior knows, I can't make moves in this world, so I can only move through others, that's why I had to inform Senior."

Chiwenga smacked the table between them, "Do you think I am a fool? I want to know why you had your disciple protect mine! What do you want from me?"

The Sovereign raised his hands defensively, "Senior you are mistaken, it is not you who I want to help, it is your disciple."

Chiwenga raised a brow in suspicion but signaled for the Sovereign to continue. The latter coughed and said, "Your disciple has immense potential, far more than you can imagine. So I hope to-"

"Hold on," Before the sovereign could continue, he was interrupted by Chiwenga, "Do you intend to recruit him into the Heralds?"

The Sovereign nodded, "Indeed, senior has impressive foresight."

Kuda had only been with the Sovereign for a few years, but she knew next to nothing about the man. All she knew was that he was a foreign sword immortal and that he was part of some organization called 'The Heralds'. That name would always pop up when the Sovereign talked to immortals or incredibly powerful mortals. Kuda was not sure what the name meant, only that each name that new of it was a powerhouse that could crush nations and split continents with ease. Yet each of those powerhouses would show signs of fear or reverence when the phrase 'Heralds' was spoken.

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"Just what on earth are these Heralds?" Kuda thought to herself. She never asked her master, and he never took the initiative. She was hoping that her master would take the initiative to tell her and her pride refused to have her ask first. Her pride was one of her many faults.

Chiwenga's shock was no different from the others. His pupils dilated while his whole body shivered. His face looked down and he said, " So my disciple is qualified to take the test?"

The Sovereign shook his head and said, "He doesn't need to take the normal test, he only needs to achieve a few objectives. I will create an objective for him to overcome. When he overcomes each objective, the support the Heralds give him will increase. Once he overcomes the final objective, he will become a True Member Like myself."

Chiwenga did not need to breathe like a normal person, but he could not help but choke at the Sovereign's words.

"True Member, True Member! A disciple of I, Constantino Chiwenga is worthy of being a True Member of the Heralds! The heavens have eyes, they have not forsaken me, hahaha!" For a while, Chiwenga laughed maniacally at the skies for a while until he regained his composure.

The sovereign then said, "Calm down old ma-, ehem, I mean Senior, time will still be the judge. The one testing him is me, and I don't take it easy on anyone."

Chiwenga paused at the sovereign's words. Chiwenga scolded the Sovereign and called him a brat, but that was because he knew the Sovereign could do nothing in the land of the Gutu.

The Sovereign's true power was a sight to behold. The Heralds were monsters among monsters. Each had talent that could suppress fate itself. To become a True Member one has to be the best in their field.

The leader of the heralds, The King of Titans, was a man who caused even Chiwenga to break out in cold sweat. He could command any one of the heralds to follow his orders, any of them, except for the man before him.

Chiwenga then sized up the young man before him. Rumour had it that there was an internal war within the heralds that resulted in most of its members becoming seriously wounded, the only exception being the King of Titans and the SoLitary Sword Sovereign. But that was not all, rumor had it that there were only two factions. The King of Titans and the rest of the heralds versus The Solitary Sword Sovereign. The King of Titans himself did not enter battle, only commanding from the sidelines, but the Sovereign decimated everyone else by himself.

This led him to have the title, Herald of Might. Before he ascended to immortality, he had been given the title strongest mortal who had ever lived. There were even rumors that he had defeated immortals as a mortal. Such a feat was possible but was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. The number of people who Chiwenga had heard of who could achieve this could be counted on one's hands.

One of the reasons the Gutu were feared was because they were one of the very few races among humans capable of defeating immortals as mortals. Despite that Chiwenga only knows of only a dozen or so Gutu capable of such a feat.

Yet before him lay a person claimed to have been able to walk over immortals as an ordinary human.

"How on earth did he become so strong?" Chiwenga was getting lost in his thoughts when the Sovereign clapped his hands. "Senior, I know I am handsome, but I don't swing both ways like Kuda. I don't play for the other team either. I only like females, sorry to disappoint you."