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67 Brother, What Are You?

 "Common sense is only a collection of prejudices one retains from young. My master once told me these words, it is only now that I can truly say I understand them" Kuda spoke with a deep voice. Her eyes just could not process what had happened before her.

Kuda and Kufa were gold level geniuses, proud daughters of heaven who were destined to stand at the pinnacle of this world as long as they did not die. There were few and far between youths who possessed the amount of knowledge and resources this duo had, yet they couldn't make heads or tails of what had just occurred before their very own eyes.

A large crater hundreds of meters in diameter with Taku's body at the epicentre lay beneath them. There was nothing within the crater. No debris, dead bodies, remains... nothing. It would be more accurate to describe the crater as a bowl. That was how smooth the ground beneath Taku was.

Taku stood shakily, trying his best to catch some air. The Product X armour turned into smoke and slowly dissipated. The zesa within his body shrank and shrank until barely anything remained. The fire and lightning that had accompanied him previously disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. Right now Taku was only in his ragged robes, with the hem fluttering in the wind.

Kufa and Kuda slowly floated downwards. Kufa landed a few meters from her brother and touched the incredibly smooth ground. Kuda landed next to the weary Taku, who was struggling just to remain conscious.

"The ground was bombarded with strong Rudyi energy along with a powerful variant of Ruboshwe energy. One removed negative energy while the other removed excess. The remainder could support its existence as matter and changed into pure positive energy which scattered into the environment..."

After finishing her analysis, Kufa stood up and looked toward her brother with weariness in her eyes. Kuda agreed with Kufa's analysis and did the same.

Ruboshwe and Rudyi were two conflicting energies. Ruboshwe was a negative, evil energy often associated with death while Rudyi was a positive righteous energy often associated with life. The two were polar opposites that could never mix. As a Gutu one could only properly cultivate one of these energies. It should be impossible for one to have both energies to coexist within one's body like this.

"My master once told me that where he came from there were similar energies called yin and yang, but zesa was an energy that had remnants of souls, so human will was attached to it. Thus Ruboshwe and Rudyi energies differed from yin and yang in that they possessed a will, or 'intent' as master called it. Yin and yang could exist in harmony but Ruboshwe and Rudyi cannot exist in harmony due to the clash of wills. Just who is this boy?" Kuda got lost in her own thoughts as she looked at Taku.

"Brother, what are you?" asked Kufa while squinting her eyes.

"Wrong question sister." Replied Taku as he coughed slightly.

It should be who am I

Taku kept the remainder of his thoughts to himself. Kuda put Taku's arm around her neck as she supported him.

"This changes nothing. My suicide squads are already nearby. Just because you defeated one squad means nothing. While I keep this whore busy they will take you away." Snorted Kufa with defiance. She was apprehensive about her brother's skills, but she was still far more powerful than he was. Kufa was confident in being able to restrain Kuda while the army approaching came.

Kufa had given the suicide squads a point a few kilometres away to congregate as an army. Once they reached a thousand they were to then march while other squads stood on standby elsewhere. She was still the princess of the Empire, and she had thousands of soldiers at her beck and call wherever she went. Although Kuda's identity was mysterious, it did not put her off her main task, which was capturing Taku alive. His previous display had only strengthened her resolve.

There was only one thing bothering Kufa. In her previous battle with Kuda, the latter had not used zesa at all. All she used was the sword to create incredibly powerful sword winds that dissipated any of Kufa's attacks. This was only an avatar, so it only contained a small portion of Kufa's strength. But she was still Princess Kufara. Yet someone her own age had matched her own avatar without even using zesa.

"It's almost as if she is stalling for time, which doesn't make sense."

As time went on, the advantage would only land in Kufa's favour.

"Unless she has backup, but so far I haven't sensed anyone nearby."

Kufa's true body was back at the palace. She was constantly using multiple powerful spells to scan the area, spells which often came at the price of lives. Few people, not even her father, could evade the detection of these spells.

Kuda had seen the army congregating from far away, but her expression did not change.

"Princess, I advise you to send your armies away." Said Taku with a weak voice.

Kufa crossed her arms defiantly and said, "Oh really, why would I do that?"

"Because my master is here."

Kufa was confused by Taku's answer, and before she could reply a powerful zesa wave flooded the entire region. Kufa looked toward the direction of her army only to see a sight she would never forget.

Arrows fell like rain, filling the entire skies above the plains. The arrows appeared so abruptly it was as if they appeared from nowhere. Each arrow was covered in incredibly thick and powerful zesa fluctuations.

The army looked up and raised whatever means of defence they could. Blinding lights and loud noises came up as every soldier used up their arsenal of skills. Each arrow had an intent about it that made the fearless soldier cringe and enter survival mode. Talismans, spells, totems, martial skills. Multiple defences were put up, yet they were like paper to the arrows.

The arrows were slow but powerful. Each arrow had a designated target, and every target had their hearts pierced without a doubt. It didn't matter what position you were in, so long as you were part of the army, there was an arrow which was intending to make your chest its home.

Gutu abilities usually leaned toward excessive power, thus such an incredible precise control of skill made Kufa flabbergasted. One by one like dominoes, her suicide soldiers fell. No matter the rank, no matter their disposition, each man fell under the storm of arrows, till no one was left. All that was left was an army of dead bodies with arrows running through them. The screams and wails of the soldiers deafened Taku's ears, but their fates were sealed.

Making Gutu suicide soldiers wail?

Kufa could not believe what she was seeing. The ground that was trembling by the thousands of footsteps moments ago was steady and silent, as if nothing had happened.


A silhouette wearing a black hooded robe suddenly appeared in front of Kufa's avatar. Before she could react, the silhouette's hand had already covered her little head.

"Tell your father to f*ck off from my disciple."

That was the last thing Kufa remembered before her avatar's head was crushed.