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65 Faster!

 Nhamo attacked without a care for his own life. There was no thought put into defence, all Nhamo was thinking was how he could damage his opponent as much as possible. Taku was afraid, but he would not cower in such a situation. Nhamo was faster, but Taku was prepared.

Nhamo threw quite a few punches as Taku was dodging. This time it was Taku who was on the defensive. Nhamo had the intensity of an untamed bull as he roared with each strike. It was almost as if he was moving on instinct. All he was doing was punching out. Taku could see a lot of holes in Nhamo's offensive, but he failed to exploit them, because he was simply too slow.

Nhamo's physical capabilities were now much higher than Taku's. The only reason Taku was able to dodge Nhamo was because the latter was predictable, not to mention Taku's senses were boosted by Product X.

I need to be faster.

As Taku ducked and turned, he started to push his own body to its limits.

I'm stronger than this, I know I am!

Taku knew he had little time, thus the pressure forced him to exceed his limits little by little.

I'm f*cking Gutu Royalty! The best of the best! Heaven's chosen!

Bit by bit, as Taku fought, he began to become more arrogant. It was almost as if this arrogance was in his blood, and all he had been doing all along was stifle it. Now he would no longer do so.

F*ck it!

Now Taku let nature take its course. He burned all the potential he had in his body as zesa started coursing with wild abandon within his body.

They have always hated me.

Nhamo kicked out, resulting in Taku jumping backwards in response.

I was always an outsider.

As soon as Taku landed, Nhamo approached with a right hook aimed at Taku's crouching body.

I was only a child, but I had no one!

Realizing he couldn't dodge in time, Taku stepped forward and tumbled forward diagonally, narrowly avoiding the blow.

What the f*ck did I ever do to them? What did I ever do to them? Why did it happen to me?

Taku didn't realize, but slowly as time went on, his temper started to rise. He was slowly becoming berserk bit bit bit. The more he fought, the less he remained calm. As soon as Taku released the inhibitors on his mind, his emotions ran rampant.

F*ck it all!

Nhamo quickly turned around with a speed unbefitting a man of his size and madly rushed at Taku.

Faster! I need to get faster!

Nhamo was once more dodged by Taku, but this time something was different. Taku was faster.

"What's with the sudden zesa spike? Where is all this energy coming from?"

Nhamo panicked slightly, but he continued his onslaught. Punch by punch, kick by kick, Nhamo noticed Taku was changing. He was becoming faster. Also an unusual amount of bloodlust was suddenly unleashed upon him. Each time Nhamo struck out, he would shout, with winds blasting around kicking up dust. But Taku was different. He was eerily calm and focused, and whenever he moved he was quiet and undetected, like a shadow in the night.

Nhamo knew he was not weakening, so the only answer was that Taku was getting stronger as time went by.

"Where is the strength coming from?"

Nhamo's mind started feeling a disturbance in the air. This was an instinct he had developed over many years of constant battle. This was the sort of feeling when prey was being observed by a predator. Or to be more accurate, when the predator was sure of catching its prey. Nhamo felt indignant as his thoughts ran wild.

"Impossible! Impossible! He is still only at the Kurima level."

The aura Taku gave off every second was escalating. It didn't make sense to Nhamo. This was not logical, it didn't make sense! Taku paid no heed to the changes happening within him. All he could think of was one think of was one thing.

I must be faster!

Nhamo was starting to panic as he realized something. Taku started to leave openings in his defence intentionally, but Nhamo could not attack them. He was just too slow!


Nhamo started to hear a crackling sound, but he did not have the courage to look down, in fear of retaliation from the increasingly faster Taku.

"This can't be happening! How is he becoming faster than me?"

The crackling became louder and louder as Taku became faster and faster. A dim white radiance started shining from Taku's feet. For some odd reason, this light made Nhamo feel as if his entire existence was a sin. The radiance penetrated his flesh and went straight to his heart.

"Is this Rudyi energy? How is it so pure? How is it possible for an inheritor of the Imperial Nether Flame to have Rudyi energy belonging to the righteous?"

Nhamo started getting tempted. He wanted to see exactly what was happening at Taku's feet. Taku on the other hand couldn't care less.


He only had one thought in his mind.

More speed!

His heart only had one thought.

Must be quicker!

Taku started feeling it. He was getting faster. He had no idea how or why.


All he could thinking of reaching his limits!




Finally the crackling started to resemble thunder, and the intensity started blinding him, so he could no longer resist. He looked down temporarily, only to notice something odd. Electrical currents were running around Taku's feet. Nhamo's eyes expanded, leading to a moment of distraction. This was an opening Taku did not miss.


Taku was only thinking about one thing.


He gathered all the energies that were coursing through his body. At this point in time, Kudakwashe and Kufa had arrived above the duo. The aura that Taku was giving off led the duo to form a temporary truce, so that they could see what was happening.

"This is Taku?"

This was a question, but Kufa didn't know who she was asking. The Tyrant's Oppression Taku was emitting was like an omnipresent mountain, suppressing the surroundings.

Kufa was not suppressed because she was Pure Royalty, and Kuda had her own means of resisting, but the duo were still impressed nonetheless.

"He actually is starting to look hot."

Kuda licked her lips as lust was raging in her eyes. It was at this point that Nhamo got distracted, and Taku took advantage.

Nhamo had stepped forward to punch Taku with a right straight, and he had put all of his might and weight behind the punch. But he instinctually looked down. It was at this point in time that Kufa saw something she would never forget.

Kufa was far faster than Taku, so she saw his movements clearly. Taku moved to throw a right counter at Njamo. The lightning that had been coursing through his legs moved to his right fist. At the same time, blazing Nether Flames lit up his fist.

As a user on the Nether Flame, which was the nemesis of Rudyi energy, Kufa was very sensitive to Rudyi energy. Yet before her eyes, Rudyi lightning had somehow combined with the Imperial Nether flame to form something she had never seen before!

A fist covered in reddish white energy approached Nhamo's fist at the speed the latter could not match. By the time Nhamo had looked up, the fist was already upon him.



The punch landed cleanly on Nhamo, and Taku unloaded everything he had on his foe!