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60 Enemy Attack!


The suicide squad met up with Kufa's avatar and took custody of Taku at a clearing near a mountain pass. The energy sustaining her avatar was dwindling thus she had no choice but to hand him over. It wasn't that the squad wasn't capable, rather, she trusted no one other than herself.

A large burly man dawning a glimmering set of golden armour from head to toe made a promise to Kufa's avatar. "You have my word your highness. I will deliver the prisoner at all costs, even if that means giving up my life."

A squad of fifty men stood behind him and in perfect unison, saluted their princess. "Pain before dishonor, death before defeat!"

Kufa nodded. She then looked at Taku who was slouching, his energy seemed drained. His zesa had been depleted. The flame lingering near his heart had been done of his own accord and he began to regret it. The flame's upkeep required what little zest he had left in small increments. Now he had none.

"Now I'm going to track down that wench and bring her as well." She said with a sneer. All she had to do was create another avatar through sacrifice. The sacrifices didn't weigh on her soul as they would a normal person, especially if it meant gaining a leg up on her brother. She would have that avatar track Maka and deliver her to another squad.

"Don't bother." Said Taku, his face was contorted into a sneer of his own. He was tied up in chains and held in a prison carriage.

"Why wouldn't I? She is important to you. So she is important to me."

Taku shook his head. "If you want to start a war with the Ngundu clan go ahead."

Kufa frowned, "What do you mean?"

"She is Sarudzai Ngundu's disciple, which means she is also Nehanda's grand disciple."

Makanaka Wakatama. This was a name that Kufa was all too familiar with. The only disciple of Sarudzai Ngundu. Maka was said to be one of the golden stars of this generation and had been adopted by the Ngundu Family, she was the disciple of Sarudzai, Nehanda's favourite. Nehanda treated Saru like a son and Maka, as if she was her grand daughter. Thus, she was not someone who Kufa could touch without consideration.

Kufa sneered as another idea occurred to her. As if he read her mind, Taku spoke. "Also, if you are thinking of attacking my team that would be unwise." Kufa had without a doubt noticed that Taku was in the Ivory Guard thus he must be part of a squad. Her next idea was to take his squad captive, but Taku's next words poured cold water over her objectives.

"Our reinforcer Tino is in the line of succession of the Chikosi Family. Which means he is royalty. Our Muroyi is Mbuya Nehanda's newest disciple. Our summoner is the brother of the successor to the Ngundu family, making him royalty. And finally our manipulator is the successor of the Mabwe Family, making him top tier nobility, not to mention he is the fiancé of our Muroyi. So if you want to go ahead and attack someone in our team. Pick one, I guarantee it won't end in your favor."

Taku's words were like a lightning bolt from the ninth heaven. Stopping Kufa in her tracks.

Gutu Royalty had three clans. Each clan representing the epitome of the three aspects that make the Gutu so superior. The Gumbo were masters of magic with their Imperial Nether Flame. The Ngundu were masters of soul magic, with half the muroyi and summoners in the nation under their direct command. While the Chikosi Family had the best bodies in the land, and were masters of reinforcement. The majority of the greatest healers also came from the Chikosi Family.

Every generation, the Emperor would appoint a successor, but if the other two families believed that their successor was superior they could issue a challenge at any time. For the last four generations the Gumbo Family had held power, but the Ngundu Family had been fighting back, their moves shrouded in secrecy. The Chikosi family was neutral but each family had different factions so it was not clear who the Chikosi would side with.

The Mabwe were a family directly under the Chikosi and were acknowledged as the best healers in the Gutu Empire. The Gumbo Family had been trying to curry favour and pull the Mabwe Family for years with little success.

Last and certainly not least was Mbuya Nehanda. The gold level Muroyi who was acknowledged as one of the strongest beings in existence. She was adopted by the Ngundu Family while she was young thus she was their retainer, but she grew too powerful, becoming an independent force, one to be reckoned with. The Gumbo Family clashed with the Ngundu many times but made it their mission to avoid angering Nehanda.

A team that had ties to Nehanda, the Chikosi, the Ngundu and the Mabwe Families? What kind of monstrosity was this?

As Kufa's avatar faded, she took one last look at her brother. Just how had he been able to become part of such a thing? It wasn't possible for him to lie because she could easily attain the truth within seconds due to her true body being at the palace. She would certainly look into his team. Something else nagged at her. Such a team would not exist by coincidence. Someone was pulling the strings in the shadows, but the question is, who?

As Kufa's avatar faded, the leader of the squad, Nhamo looked at Taku, his eyes widened as he forced himself not to tremble. They had no idea what Kufa's motives were as far as bringing him to the capital but after hearing his conversation with her they knew he was no ordinary person. The families which he had casually mentioned were all behemoths that could make any of these soldiers disappear within seconds.

Ivory Guard Squads stressed teamwork. A squad being no different than a family. There was no doubt that Taku's 'family' would try to get him out of this situation. Unfortunately, with them being a suicide squad they were destined to die, so they steeled their resolve and moved on. As Kufa's avatar disappeared she nodded in approval.

After learning about her brother's identity she decided to create another avatar to travel along with the party. She couldn't travel with them indefinitely but she could appear at critical moments. She had no choice. Her brother's identity was too important to be careless with. This squad was filled with members that were just as strong as her if not stronger, but her identity as the heir to the throne was what was truly mattered.

The royal families has suicide squads placed all over the nation. Hidden and waiting to act in case of emergencies. Now was such a time. It was of the utmost importance to have Taku firmly in their grasp, alive. Thus an order swept across the entire empire!

Any and all suicide squads loyal to the Gumbo Royal Family were to join with Nhamo's squad and insure that Taku be safely transported to the Capital!

"Nhamo, you know how to summon me. If you are in any situation and you need my help don't hesitate to call!" with those last words the avatar vanished. As soon as this happened her real body started preparations for a new avatar. Thousands of people were beheaded at the royal palace. The cells ran red with crimson.

Blood flowed like a river as the palace workers did their jobs, pleasing the grim reaper.

"Alright gentlemen, march!" Nhamo shouted as the crew went. Taku lost consciousness as the carriage moved. He could no longer hold on. But as his eyes closed, he managed to catch a sentence..."Enemy attack!"