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46 Bestial Martialism

 Maka stood there watching the rest of the of the cultivators fight. Her own men which numbered in the hundreds had not moved yet. These soldiers had no specific classes and we're just regular cultivators, but their cultivation bases and martial arts were at a high level. They were battle hardened and could easily fight with these low level beats that were currently attacking.

They had their orders and could not attack at the moment because they needed to save energy. Five minutes went by and these five minutes felt like a lifetime for Taku and his team. They were itching to fight. The beasts became fewer and fewer as time went by.

And just as it felt like the tide was about to finish, Taku and his team almost let there guard down, only to be reprimanded by Maka. "Don't let your guard down! If beast tides were as easy as this then we would've finished this days ago. This was just the first wave. The second one is coming and that is the wave we are all fighting in."

They five of them nodded and waited impatiently for the next wave. In about a breath they could hear roars. The ground began trembling as they waited. The demonic beats finally came into view and it caused everyone to be shocked. There were only a dozen or so tier 2 demonic beasts that they could spot, but apart from that the rest were all tier 3 and above.

Maka looked towards Taku with a worried expression plastered on her face. Only to see him confidently smile. "I'll be fine and Tino will be able to cope as well. We are way more powerful than you think."

Tino also gave a confident smile and turned towards the incoming demonic beasts. Maka nodded and raised her hand.


The minute she gave this order. Her own men and thousands of other cultivators charged towards the incoming horde. There one unlucky man who was in the Kudyara level (first sub-level of the Kusakura level) who had been surrounded by a pack of wolves and was killed.

Even though he had taken a large majority of the wolves down with him, he still perished because he ran out of zesa. Watching this scene unfold Taku and his team took this opportunity and ran straight towards that fallen cultivator. Ranga was the first to arrive as he jabbed his sword into a wolf's eye. The wolf let out a pained howl as it fell back dead. The remaining wolves pounced towards Ranga, but it was at this point that Tino showed his worth.

He was an earth attributed enforcer. So after enforcing his weapons he swung his spear towards two of the remaining six wolves. The two wolves did not die, but they suffered heavy injuries.

Nyasha summoned the essence of a wolf king which scared the remaining four wolves. Taku and Nyasha attacked these wolves that had just been scared, Tino followed the two he had injured before whilst Ranga stood guard next to Tadi who was kneeling in front of the dead cultivator.

In the space of a minute the remaining wolves were dead and the dead cultivator was now on his feet. The only difference now was that he had weird circular markings on his face. The whole process was so quick that those around them had still not fully processed the events. What shocked people was that these 5 individuals did not even use any type of martial skill or anything of the sort.

Taku and Tino were yet to learn any martial skills and we're fully depending on their physical strength to.fight these animals. The rest of the team felt no need to use their martial skills in such a situation. Even Maka had a shocked expression on her face. She never imagined that they would be so coordinated and strong. This allowed her to throw all her worries into back of her head and fully commit herself to her fight.

Taku looked at the undead that was right beside Tadi and nodded in satisfaction. "He was powerful when he was alive, even though his level has dropped a bit it is still powerful enough to save is a lot of trouble during this period of time."

The problem with using an Undead was that it's power level was dependent on the Muroyi's cultivation level. Tadi was less powerful than the man in question so when she revived him he dropped down in a level and was now at the Tamba level (third and final sub-level of the Pamamonya level)

Taku's whole body at the moment was covered in smoke. It made him look like a floating cloud. Only his bloodshot eyes were visible. He quickly gave the command for his team to charge through into the heat of the battle. The five of them did not separate as they charged through. They placed the Undead cultivator at the front and began their slaughter.

Everywhere that they passed was followed by a trail of blood and corpses. Ranga who was just behind the Undead had taken on the most attacks from demonic beasts. To everyone's astonishment even though he got injured he did not stop or even cry out in pain. The wounds healed as fast as they came. Even though Ranga could not heal other people, his ability to heal himself was really on another level.

The people who were resting on the city walls could not keep their eyes off this team on five and an Undead. The battle had only been raging on for a minute but dozens of beasts had met their end I the fight because of this team. It was at this point that five powerful beasts set their sights on Taku and co. Taku quickly ordered them to engage the beasts one on one.

"Who are these kids?" A person spoke in a soft voice.

"I don't know! But the strongest seems to only be in the Zhanje level." Another person replied.

Discussions and arguments began to fill the air at this moment. " I heard that if you reach a certain level of power then you can alter your appearance at will."

"That still makes no sense you idiot. I doubt that people can also reduce their own cultivation bases."

"In this world nothing is impossible!"

Taku and his team did not care about the discussion. All of their attention was on the battle they were in. This was the first time that they were getting separated. But they still did not panic. They were each facing a top tier 2 beast and they all had sufficient confidence in fighting and killing them.

Taku was facing a large gray bear. And he was excited by the prospect of sharpening his combat ability.

At the moment Taku could not see the rest of the team from where he was. The five demonic beasts had made sure to separate the five individuals. The level of intelligence that they showed did not surprise Taku but instead it made him even more excited. At the moment Taku's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the Bear. This was by far the greatest challenge he had ever faced. The beast in front of him was an actual Demonic Beast. If it was a normal Bear then he would have finished this battle already.

The bear took a step forward. A sinister glint flashed across his eyes, before iys paw flew out. The power behind it was so tremendous that a low sonic boom could be heard.

A genuine killing blow right from the start. The Bear evidently planned to dispatch Taku in the quickest way possible. The terrifying paw rapidly grew bigger before Taku's eyes. However, in the blink of an eye, Taku's palm slipped past the Bear's paw and grabbed it's wrist. With a firm pull, the force actually managed to cause the Bear's body to be pulled forward.

In the instant when the Bear's body was jerked forward, an ominous glint flitted across Taku's eyes. His knee abruptly thrust upwards, fiercely smashing towards the Bear's neck. A rather ruthless attack.

Taku's attack was so quick and violent, but the bear did not even flinch or panic. In fact the bear raised its paw and slapped away Taku's knee.


Both of the Bear's palms heavily slapped against Taku's knee and a sharp pain immediately transmitted from its paws. The Bear felt as if it had slapped a piece of metal. However, it had also borrowed the resulting force to stabilize its body, and from there, it threw itself back at Taku who had also just stabilized himself.

Taku was not shocked by the intelligence that the Bear showed. But he was a bit shocked at the fact that the bear was yet to fall down. He had been certain that his blow would be able to at least heavily wound the bear. But to his surprise the beast had not only blocked it, but was also preparing to counter. He did not have time to think it through as the Bear had thrown out an attack of its own.

Taku clenched his fist as he threw himself towards the big Bear. It was truly a comical scene as it looked like an ant was trying to punch down a bear.

Taku threw a punch, and the Bear replied in kind with its own paw.


The paw and fist collided as Taku took a step back. What shocked Taku was that the bear actually took several steps back. With the smoke covering his whole body, not only did Taku's speed increase but also his power did as well.

There was slight hesitation in the bear's eyes at the moment. Never had it ever thought that it could be pushed back by a human who was in truth a level below it. Thinking this far the bear was enraged by the fact that it had actually shown weakness in front of a human youth. How laughable was that. The enraged Bear threw caution to the wind and carelessly threw itself towards Taku.

Taku's eyes brightened when he saw this. He quickly thought of the battle that he had with a bear back at Honde valley. In that fight he was still just a mortal with incredible strength. But today things were different. Not only was the opponent stronger, but he too was stronger. And to a certain degree he had learnt how to use this smoke rather effectively.

Taku threw out a kick towards the oncoming bear.


Even though Taku's kick connected, the Bear only staggered for a bit before turning and furiously stared at Taku. Behind the fury in its eyes the bear was looking at Taku with a look of disgust and as well as mockery.

The Bear launched all its attacks towards Taku, but thanks to Taku's fast movement he was able to continuously dodge. With every dodge he made, he threw a fist out which always cleanly landed on the bears body. As the fight went on the bear became more enraged and also more reckless.

The only thought that came to mind was to sharpen his skills so he did not kill the bear whenever he got the chance, but he knew that his teammates would be done with their respective opponents soon so he started meeting the bears attacks head on!





Taku's fists continuously countered the Bear's paws. But every time the fists and paws collided Taku felt as if his whole body was going numb. He knew that if this continued then he would ultimately be killed.

The Bear threw another paw and instead of meeting it head on, Taku dodged to the side and then grabbed the bear's paw. He pulled the bear towards himself and then used his shoulder to land a blow right on the bear's neck.


The bears neck did not break, but I was about to fly away because of the impact. But how could Taku allow that to happen. He quickly grabbed the bear and then pulled it back. This time around he threw out his knee. As his knee and the bears skull connected a bone cracking sound could be heard as the bear took its final breath