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28 Apes And Pythons

 "is it really?" Tino asked anxiously.

Taku nodded. "It is, but it feels like its body is on fire!"

Hearing this Tino smiled and replied. "Yeah! That's how it goes when beasts swallow cores that are way above their grade. If this little cub survives then we will a potential tier 1 Demonic beast, and since it's still an infant it will be easier to tame... I can fight these Hyenas, so just keep the little guy safe."

Taku just nodded in response and then stared at the little lion cub that looked like it was going to blow at any time.

Tino returned no less than five minutes later. Even though he hadn't cultivated yet, taking care of creatures like hyenas was not much of a problem for him. The Gutu were known for their physical strength, and in the fight with Tino, the Hyenas had experienced just how fearsome someone from the Gutu Empire was.

Seeing the concerned look on Taku's face Tino shook his head and said. "Do not worry yourself so much. Even though there is still a possibility that it will die, the most dangerous part has already passed. So its chances of survival have already exceeded ten percent..."

Just as Tino's voice faded, the cub began trembling furiously.

Taku and Tino anxiously stared at the little cub, and its body began expanding at a rate that was clear to the naked eye.

Just as it looked like it was about to blow up from the energy within it, the cubs body began to shrink again back to its original size. The two stayed frozen for at least five minutes but nothing seemed to be wrong with the little cub. To be honest it looked normal, which surprised Tino to no end.

"Is it still alive?" Tino asked.

Taku nodded and then asked. "Is it possible to put it inside the storage sack that you gave me?"

"Yes you can..." Tino started. "It would be weird if you carried it around in your hands."

Taku placed the little unconscious cub in his storage sack and then the two teens carried on with their journey. It was pretty uneventful for the first week, but as the two kids relaxed, they were suddenly attacks by two tier 1 Black eyed apes.

At the moment Taku could not see Tino from where he was. The two apes had caused the two teens to separate. At the moment Taku's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the ape. This was by far the greatest challenge he had ever faced. The beast in front of him was an actual Demonic Beast. If it was a normal ape then he would have finished this battle already.

The ape took a step forward. A sinister glint flashed across his eyes, before his fist punched out. The power behind it was so tremendous that a low sonic boom could be heard.

A genuine killing blow right from the start, the Ape evidently planned to dispatch Taku in the quickest way possible. The terrifying fist rapidly grew bigger before Lin Dong's eyes. However, in the blink of an eye, his palm suddenly extended and with a 'chi liu' sound, the palm slipped past the ape's fist and grabbed its wrist. With a firm pull, the force actually managed to cause the ape's body to be pulled forward.

In the instant when the Ape's body was jerked forward, an ominous glint flitted across Taku's eyes. His knee abruptly thrust upwards, fiercely smashing towards the ape's neck, a rather ruthless attack.

Taku's attack was so quick and violent that even The Ape momentarily panicked.

However, it instantly regained his wits as his hands hastily slapped at Taku's knee.


Both of the ape's palms heavily slapped against Taku's knee and a sharp pain immediately transmitted from his hands. The Ape felt as if it had slapped a piece of metal. However, it had also borrowed the resulting force to stabilize its body, and from there, its hand furiously lashed at Taku's head.

Taku was greatly shocked by the intelligence that the ape showed. He was certain that his blow would be able to at least heavily wound the beasts but to his surprise the beast had blocked it, he did not have time to think it through as the ape had thrown out an attack of its own. He almost felt as though the creature knew some martial arts.

Taku clenched his fist as he threw himself towards the big ape. It was truly a comical scene as it looked like an ant was trying to punch down a bear.

Taku threw a punch at the ape, and the ape replied in kind with its own punch.


The two punches collided as Taku took a dozen steps back. The difference in power was evident as the ape only took four steps back but these four steps were enough to infuriate the Ape.

Never had it ever thought that it could be pushed back by a small human who hadn't even cultivated yet. The enraged ape threw caution to the wind and carelessly threw itself towards Taku.

Taku's eyes brightened when he saw this. He quickly stepped aside to dodge, and then threw a kick towards the Apes head.


Even though Taku's kick cleanly connected, the ape only staggered for a bit before turning and furiously stared at Taku.

The Ape threw fist after fist towards Taku, but thanks to Taku's fast movements he was able to continuously dodge. He could only dodge at the moment because his attacks were rather futile. He racked his brain for a potential method to deal with the ape.

The only thought that came to mind was to flee, but he knew that Tino would probably be in a shoddier situation than he is. He suddenly threw caution to the wind as he began trading blow for blow with the ape.





Taku's fists continuously countered the ape's fist but every time the two fists collided Taku felt as if his whole body was going numb. He knew that if this continued then he would ultimately be killed.

The ape threw another fist and instead of meeting it head on, Taku ducked and slid through the apes legs. Just as he passed he threw his fist towards the middle region of the ape.


Even though he had punched the most vulnerable part of the ape, he still felt his fist go numb. The ape could only let out a pained roar as it hit the ground whilst clutching its nether region. Taku took this time to quickly slip away and run toward Tino's direction.

As he arrived he realised that Tino was indeed in a shoddier situation. At the moment Tino was bleeding from his nose and looked rather weary, but apart from the nose bleed he looked ok. Taku sighed in relief seeing this, but he did not waste any time as he threw himself towards the ape that was attacking his colleague.

He threw a fist towards the unaware ape.


The ape staggered a bit, and just as it was about to find its footing, Tino took the opportunity to throw a fist to its abdomen.


The ape took two steps back, but it did not get the chance to react as the two teens began attacking it from both sides.


A fist landed on its head.


Another on its stomach.

After continuous punches landed on the ape, the ape began bleeding from almost everywhere. it looked as if it was close to its last breath. Taku and Tino both threw out a punch at the ape.



The ape finally fell down whilst breathing its last breath. Just as the two fellows were about to sigh in relief, they heard a low growl that was filled with killing intent coming from behind them. Taku could only helplessly shake his head when he thought about the fellow who he had completely forgotten about.

Tino just sighed as he flicked his hand and two silver spears appeared out of his storage sack. He handed one to Taku as he turned around stared intently at the new enemy.

As Taku turned around he couldn't help but quickly ask. "You know spear skills?"

"Nope..." Tino started. "I haven't even sensed zesa yet, so how could I learn spear skills. Just swing it around!"

Taku could only shake his head and then proceeded to stare intently at the onrushing ape. The two did not give the ape any chance to attack as they simultaneously charged towards it whilst raising their spears.

The two spears dropped as they smashed into the ape.

Bam! Bam!

The ape took two steps back but did not fall. Its face was increasingly becoming enraged as it was pegged back by the two youngsters.

What truly enraged the ape was that the two did not even give it a chance to find its footing as they threw attack after attack towards it.

Tino swung his spear towards the Apes head, and as the ape was about to raise its hands to block, Taku thrust his spear towards the ape's leg. The Ape roared in agony as it lowered its hand in an attempt to punch out at Taku, and it was at this moment that Tino's spear strike connected.


The Ape this time took at least a dozen steps back. Taku though did not wait for it to even breathe as he ran forward and swung his spear towards the ape's legs.


The ape then slammed down onto the ground, with Taku tacking a step back as Tino once again appeared and stabbed towards the ape's neck.


The spear point penetrated the neck of the ape, but the ape kept on struggling to get up, but at this moment Taku, who stepped back a moment before had raised his spear and stabbed it towards the ape's back. The spear penetrated but the ape struggled for at least a full minute before dying.

"We should move..." Tino started. "This fight could potentially attract other demonic beasts to us. If we don't move now then we could potentially get killed."

Taku nodded and just as the two turned around, they both couldn't help but curse in their minds.

For f*cks sake.

This was because when they turned they around saw that there was a tier one Horned Python.

They looked at each other and they helplessly shook their heads. They knew that fleeing was pointless at the moment. The Horned Python was famous for its speed. It was not as strong as the Black Eyed ape, but in terms of speed it would be ranked in the top ten of all tier 1 beats.

The two knew that they could not escape, so they proceeded to attack. They did not even give the large python the time to attack as they charged over.

Tino was the first to swing his spear towards the snakes head, but the python quickly dodged to the side. The two were not surprised at all by this, they just continued to throw attack after attack towards the python.

The python at the moment could only dodge. The moment it had tried attacking one of the two, the other would slightly injure it. So its best bet was to continue dodging. The two teens knew that if they were to prolong the fight it would attract even more beasts.

Taku knew that he had to make a plan, and so he did. He mustered all his strength and threw the spear into the air. This throw was not aimed at the Python at all which caused Tino to be flabbergasted.

He looked at Taku with a questioning look, because he just could not figure out what he was trying to pull off.