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27 Proposal

 Old Man Anglius raised his hands quieting the entire auditorium once again. He then looked up at Shinzo and spoke, "This seems to be worth pursuing, please go into detail."

Shinzo smiled and began to explain his plan in more detail to everyone present. It took him hours to explain it, but from time to time one would hear gasps of shock and awe at what Shinzo had said. After the entirety of Shinzo's plan had been explained, massive, thunderous applause was expressed. People's shock and awe at the Yamato Shagunate had increased; their sheer espionage skills shocked everyone. It was no wonder they managed to remain one of the five super powers despite the fact that their nation was extremely small compared to the others.

After Shinzo explained the plot that his country had come up with, the other twenty three dignitaries engaged him into a debate trying to see if they could come up with a better plan. After much deliberation, it was decided they were going to relay all of this information to their superiors and then going to see if they could actually come actually come up with a way to execute this plan.

During the entire debate between the twenty four dignitaries Albion was the only dignitary who had said nothing the entire time. It was only when the debate was finishing that Anglius, being the witty man that he was, looked towards Albion with narrowed eyes.

He raised his arm signalling the entire auditorium to quiet down, then looked at Albion and asked, "Your Highness do you have something to say?"

The other twenty three dignitaries at the table were chosen because of age and experience but Albion was far, far, younger than the other twenty three. Most of the people in the stadium believed he should have been in the stands like the other dignitaries instead of being one of the main twenty four. However his work history and circumstance gave him the qualification to sit at that table making many people uncomfortable. Albion knew this, hence he kept quiet for most of the meeting , he did have something to say but knew that his time would come, now that Anglius had approached him, Albion knew that his opportunity to speak had come.

"Thank you, Sir Anglius for the opportunity you have given me. My fellow noblemen, as you are well aware, the Gutu are quite united, however don't let it fool you. They are as fragmented as they are united, as Sir Shinzo just showed us there is a way for us to attack them from the inside. Although Sir Shinzo's method is good, I feel we should take a more delicate approach."

Anglius raised a brow at Albions words: his curiosity had been piqued. Shinzo could not help but frown at these words, for the young man was now tearing down what he had spent quite abit of effort to build. Albions' efforts were no different to slapping Shinzo in the face.

"Siren if you please."

Siren raised her right hand and a dark blue sigil appeared, none of the dignitaries moved because they were aware of what she was doing. This was a common spell for sound proofing a certain area. Albions' intention was that no one outside of those sitting on the table would hear what he was about to say. Siren dropped her hand and things continued as they were.

"Forgive me for taking these extra ordinary measures, but I feel as if it is possible for my next words to cause quite a stir; thus the less who know the better."

Anglius nodded giving his approval; it was common place for such an action to occur during meetings of such great importance. They were an alliance however they were not completely unified. Everyone at the table was aware of this so no one objected to Albions actions. Infact the majority of those at the table did not want so many people to be attending the meeting in the first place. They believed that only those who were at the table should have attended, however the five great countries were far too large. Thus there were many nobles and politicians who wanted a piece of the cake that was the Gutu Empire. To appease these nobles, the five great nations allowed them to attend this war council but at the end of the day they were no different from place holders.

Siren's spell was not only a sound-proof spell but it also created a misty haze around those sitting at the table, preventing those who had skills like lip reading from finding out what was occurring. This without a doubt aroused the ire of quite a few nobles but albion believed the gamble was worth it.


"This, this is..."

Anglius wanted to speak but he didn't know quite what to say. He did not expect such a bold plan to come out of the young man's mouth and if it was true then the consequences would shake the continent at its very foundations.

"This is outrageous!"

"This is absolutely foolish!"

"Young man understand that what you have just proposed could put us all at risk."

Multiple voices showed their discontentment after a brief moment of silence due to the plan Albion had proposed. Many dignitaries did not even speak but merely snorted in disdain. Anglius was stuck in-between a rock and a hard place: should such a plan work the results would no doubt be fantastic and be exactly what everyone needed; however should it fail, the consequences would be catastrophic.

Among the dignitaries was a woman. She had red hair, slanted eyes, a small nose and cherry red lips. Her body was curvy where it needed to be curvy and slim where it needed to be slim, she was wearing loose oriental robes but they did little to hide the sensuality oozing from her body. Her name was Lady Long, she was a representative of the royal family from the Qin Empire. She had two reputations; one as one of the most sought after woman on the continent and the other as one of the most ruthless strategists in existence. Her tactics and machinations had resulted in the deaths of millions and in the misery of many more. Despite the fact that she looked like a young maiden she was more than half a century old.

As the dignitaries voiced out their opinions of Albions plan, her reaction stunned everyone. At first she was shocked just like all the others but after gaining her wits about her she started clapping slowly.

It was a slow but thunderous clap, forcing the attention of the entire table to focus solely on her.

Her devilish charm only served to further enhance the attention she was receiving be it for the wrong purposes.

"I have to say I did not expect such a young man to come up with a plan so vicious. It seems I may have found my Prince Charming."

Her voice was like the echoe of a fairy from the 9th heaven tempting the poor soul that heard it. Even the battle-hardened Angus could not help but drool when he saw her speak. Even Siren could not help but blush slightly. Old man Anglius chuckled as he marvelled at the woman's ability to tempt people; he had seen far too many things to have his desired brought up to the surface by a little girl from the Qin Empire. Nevertheless he still had to respect her charm.


This loud snort was like thunder in a clear sky snapping back every person who had been enamoured by Lady Long back to reality. She had been able to pull the attention of everyone except for the young Albion. Anglius could not help but whistle in appreciation of the young man's mental fortitude. Was it not the desire of every boisterous youth to conquer every seductive woman in his path? But Albion was different, he was immune to Lady Long's charms, one could even say he was annoyed by her.

"Last time I checked my first name was not charming, neither was it my last name, perhaps you have me confused with some other person Lady Long."

Lady long could not help but giggle slightly, "I hope I did not offend you Prince Winsor it was not my intention. I merely wished to state that I support your idea."

While Albion was a bit unhappy with Lady Long's behaviour her support was absolutely invaluable. One could even argue that besides Anglius she had the greatest sway amoung everyone on the table. Not only was she known as one of the best strategists, she was also the head representative of the largest empire in the world. Her support meant the support of the Qin Empire and all of its colonies. As Prince Albion was the head of the representatives of the Greenwich, two of the five great nations now supported his idea. Only one great nation was required to tip the scales in Albions favours. This support however came from the most surprising of sources.

It was no doubt that the five great nations were split into three factions. One faction which had the United States and the Yamato Shugunate led by the United States. The other faction comprised of the Qin Empire and Varja Empire. The Greenwich kingdom was rather neutral and represented the third faction which did not want to get involved in these power struggles meaning it was the was the faction which had the power to tip the scales. So it came as a surprise when the greatest enemy of the Qin Empire; The United States threw in its support with Albion.

There were five dignitaries from the United States and so far only four of them had taken part in this meeting, the fifth and most important one had only spoken from time to time but now she felt it was time to speak. Clad in tight fitting amour from head to toe, Jane Doe was eye catching; she had a cold temperament with blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike lady Long who had a fairy sensuality, Jane Doe had a more reserved beautify to her. Her body was the epitome of perfection but her face was the amalgamation of all a man could desire from an ice cold beauty.

Her stark contrast to Lady Long was quite ironic considering the fact that she was the latter's sworn enemy and rival. Hence her next actions stupefied everyone at the meeting.

"I support Prince Winsor."

She was well known for being a woman of few words, thus every word she spoke was heavier than gold and far more valuable. That one sentence instantly put the United nations behind Windsor tilting the scales in his favour. Shinzo was the head of the group from the Yamato Shogunate, thus Jane's action was akin to a second slap in the face for Shinzo.

One from a bigger hand with more force than the last, Shinzo bit his lower lip so hard it bled a little in his mouth but due to his country's relationship with the United states, Jane was effectively superior so he had no choice but to swallow down this humiliation along with his own blood.

The leader of the Varja's Empire group was a man clad in full body amour from head to toe. He was an incredibly large man and his body exuded the aura of battle. His name was Sanjay Singh also known as the sixth armed demon. He wasn't happy with the flow of events but he had no choice but to grunt in approval.

Anglius being a neutral party had no choice but to go along with the flow and thus it was set in stone they were going to go with Albion's plan.