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18 Clearing Out The Trash

 Some decided to stay away from Taku for the meantime, but the rash ones decided to attack. In less than a breath six people had surrounded Taku, but even at this point Taku's eyes were tightly shut.

He dodged the incoming attacks effortlessly as if he could see them coming from a mile away. The attackers were flabbergasted.

"What the f-"

One of the attackers couldn't help but shout out, but before he could finish his sentence, Taku, who had his eyes closed, landed a punch on his temple. The shocked youth flew directly from the middle of the stage to land outside the stage.

The other five didn't have time to react as Taku began to bombard them with attacks. He threw every part of his body that could be used to attack at the four unlucky people.

The fight barely lasted ten breaths as Taku directly knocked all four of them off the stage. Even after he had accomplished all this Taku still did not open his eyes.

Seeing this Ticha and the hall master were speechless. "This..."

Tavonga just stared at Taku with a deadpan expression and as if Taku wasn't worth his time, he quickly looked away.

As everyone else was shocked into silence, Taku was pretty excited.

Holy... This is awesome. I can literally see anything within a metre of me. It's almost as if i have eyes all over my head.

Taku had found that he couldn't really access part of the Soul Manifestation Art, but the little that he could use was already so awesome. When he had studied the Art he had read that he could make a domain around an area depending on his level.

Taku who at the moment had yet to cultivate could only create a zone of about a meter. But this little zone had already brought him so many unexpected benefits. He opened his eyes for a split second to see whether he could do it with his eyes open.

Even though he saw that he could still do it with his eyes open he still decided to shut them again. Why? Because it was fun, but it didn't take long for Taku to frown as he noticed that no one was willing to come close to him.

After some thought Taku casually sat down in a meditative position, he didn't bother to go look for a fight, he kind of enjoyed it when people came looking for trouble.

"You've got to be shitting me..." The hall master couldn't help but stare at Taku in shock. "Who the hell is this little monster? How did he manage to hide himself so deep that even i couldn't see how great he was? So another crazy monster like Tavonga has showed up, this just got interesting."

Ticha just smiled at The Hall Master's words. He knew that Taku would produce something spectacular, but what he saw today made him feel as if his expectations from before were a bit too low.

"But even though he is powerful... I still don't think he is a match for Tavonga." The Hall Master started. "Tavonga is a hair away from sensing Zesa, as for that brat he seems a bit far off."

Ticha just smiled and continued to watch the fight.

By the time Taku decided to open his eyes again only 50 people remained on stage. This didn't really shock him too much, so he quickly shut his eyes and began studying the Soul Manifestation Art. At the moment only 48 people were really fighting.

Taku and Tavonga just sat there as if all this did not really concern them. Some of the 48 got agitated when looking at the two. Tavonga had already shown his strength on numerous occasions in the last three years and people didn't even think about touching him.

But this newly emerged dark house left them seriously agitated. In the last three years he hadn't really done anything spectacular, so people just thought he was ordinary.

Especially when he had made his way to the middle of the stage, people had already ruled him out as a potential major threat. Even the vastly experienced hall master had not seen through him.

"Hey, how about we stop fighting for now and attack that brat?" One youth with short black hair couldn't take it anymore and made a request to the person who he was battling with.

The two momentarily stopped fighting as the other youth who was bald actually weighed in the pros and cons of doing this. "It's always best to eliminate the strongest first..."

Having agreed to a momentary truce the two jumped towards Taku. Most people even stopped fighting and began watching in anticipation.

Just as the two people were a metre away from Taku, he suddenly leapt up into the air, summersaulted and landed behind them. Without giving the two a chance to relax Taku punched out at one of them.


The youth had managed to turn around, but he couldn't block Taku's blow. He quickly flew off stage and immediately lost consciousness. Taku didn't waste time as he kicked out towards the other youth.


The youth had attempted to block the kick with his hands, but it was a futile attempt as his hands broke and the force of the strike threw him off the stage.

Just as Taku was about to rest he saw that three people were now inside his soul zone. If anyone knew that Taku had this cheat of an, ability they wouldn't even bother to approach him, but alas no one had the knowledge to try decipher what was happening.

Taku didn't retreat as he turned around to face the three fellows. One of them threw himself to the ground as he slid and went for Taku's legs. The other two put all their power into punching.

Taku smirked seeing this. He quickly leapt up to avoid the sliding tackle, whilst reaching his hands out to catch the two punches.


He effortlessly caught the two punches and without wasting a second Taku used all of his power and what gravity had to offer to throw his legs down at the idiot who was now beneath him.


"AH-" the youth didn't have the time to cry out properly as he began gasping for breath. Whilst keeping his full weight on the body below him, Taku pulled in one of the unlucky punchers and head butted him, knocking him out with one strike.

Seeing this, the other guy tried to wrestle his fist free from Taku's grasp but to no avail. Just as he was about to start fully panicking Taku punched out and hit him in the abdomen with the first punch.


Then the second landed on the poor boys temple.


At that time Taku let go of his hand and then kicked out at the guy. Taku's merciless kick landed right on the boy's cheek and he flew straight off the stage.

And as if stupidity was contagious three more people decided to try their luck in attacking Taku.

Taku didn't really mind as he felt excited, the more he fought the more he felt alive. It was as if he was born for this kind of life. Ever since he had reincarnated he felt as though he had nothing to live for. He had things that kept his thoughts running, things like the former host of this body.

He had no idea what really happened to him before, nor should he have cared. But every time he thought that he shouldn't care he would feel like his soul was getting ripped into two. And this pain kept him alive, now he had a different reason to live.

The training was hellish at first but he found himself enjoying it in the end. And now it was the fighting. In his first battle he had blacked out and could barely remember what happened, but this battle was not the same as the last time.

This time he was in control, and he enjoyed the feeling.

Ticha chuckled seeing this. "hehe... This Kid..."

Taku didn't give the three new victims a chance to even attack him as he quickly charged towards them. This time he added more power into his strikes as he punched out at his first victim.


Just as his fist landed the other two launched their attacks. A kick and a punch made their way to Taku's Abdomen and face respectively. Taku used his free hand to block the punch and used his leg to counter the kick.

He then used the momentum of the counter to throw himself into the air as the kicked out twice in quick succession at the kicker.


Left leg on the abdomen


Right leg to the face.

The youth vomited blood as his eyes turned white and he passed out. Whilst still in the air Taku twisted the fist he had caught. He landed behind the unfortunate youth whose face was now distorted from pain.

Whilst holding the boy's hand behind his own back in a weird position, Taku kicked at the boy's back whilst pulling his arm, dislocating the poor boy's arm.



This scream was so ear piercing that even Taku let go of the guy's hand. Just as Taku let go the boy jumped off the stage voluntarily. As he landed he turned around and gave Taku a nasty stare.

Taku at this moment opened his eyes and instead of glaring right back, he casually smiled and waved at the boy. "You asked for it bro. I didn't ask you to attack me."

The boy knew that Taku was right, but he couldn't help but snort as he began walking away. Taku sighed and then turned around to see only 17 people left of stage. Out of the 49 people Taku had eliminated 8 which was almost a sixth of them.

Tavonga was the only one who was yet to eliminate anyone; In fact he was the only one who was yet to fight. Taku looked at the 16 others who were fighting each other and just sat there waiting for whatever conclusion.

The sixteen turned to 8 and then from 8 to four, four to two. The two stared down at each other for a minute. The first one was a bald youth with a huge scar that went from his right ear to his chin.

The other was a short masculine youth with a very honest expression. The scarred youth spoke first. "Even if you throw me out you don't really have the confidence to win against any of the two... I suggest we take out Taku first... Even though he is powerful, he is still no match for Tavonga. We are the two strongest people under them.

If we gang up on Taku we have a 90% of winning and if we gang up on Tavonga we have a 50% chance of winning. What do you think?"

The other youth didn't even hesitate as he said. "Let's go for Taku."

Without another word the two jumped straight for Taku. Seeing this Taku just sighed and stood up. The two punched out at the same time as Taku leapt back to dodge. And as soon his feet landed on the ground he leapt back toward the two.

Just as he got close to the two he ducked, got between the two and tackled them to the ground. The minute the two bodies hit the ground Taku used to force to propel his body upwards. As he got back to his feet he casually looked at the two and spoke in a cold tone.

"Just leave!"

The two looked at each other and could only shake their head. They both stood up and left the stage a bit dejected. Taku then looked at Tavonga with a smile on his face.

Tavonga on the other hand just glanced his way and said. "You're still no match for me. After this it'll only take me a short while for me to sense Zesa. So i am probably levels ahead of you. Do you think you can beat me?"

Taku just shrugged and said "Who knows."

Hearing this Tavonga smiled and said. "Fine then, just rest for half an hour. You fought and i didn't so it's only fair this way."

Taku nodded his head and sat down quietly.