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15 Lord Fatty

 "Reporting to Your Majesty; The de Watzer territory abnormalities are as follows: the entire territory has improved in terms of infrastructure over the past 7 years at an extremely alarming rate; from the crop yields to the number of residents living at a higher standard of living. There are more businesses, more schools, thus leading to an improved economy and a higher literacy rate.

The towns are also now much cleaner. Beggars are said to be non-existent in the capital Morgen. New roads and clear sewage lines have been built making the town much more pleasant.

There have also been less crimes being committed in broad day light. Robberies, murder and violence are now virtually none existent, which is already impressive for a territory near our borders. The true abnormality is that the number of criminals in the city has more than quadrupled in the last 2 years and yet no arrests have been made.

Almost all the businesses are under the grip of gang."

The lady behind the veil could not help but giggle once she heard the name of the gang. To her it was amusing. Gangs normally have frightening names to intimidate their victims; however who would ever find a lollipop frightening?

After the giggle passed Julia continued, "The gang has spread its influence across the entire territory. From smuggling to embezzlement, the Lollipop gang has been involved in every form of financial crime possible. Yet despite this, the territory and its inhabitants are happy. According to our spies the residents of the territory love the gang and actually have created some sort of symbiotic relationship with it."

"Right, now Agnes, tell me, who is in charge of public administration within the territory and for how long?"

Agnes coughed slightly, "Reporting to your majesty. The de Watzer Family has 5 sons, each in charge of one many areas of the city. The youngest son, Kylerius 'Fatty' de Watzer is in charge of the Administration of the land. He has been in charge for 7 years."

The lady sleeping on the bed nodded, "Now tell me, why is it, the criminals are able to take control of a city while improving the standard of living there?"

Agnes and Julia remained silent; they too were baffled by this. The sleeping lady sat up and reached for grapes beside her bed. "Tell me, what is his reputation Julia?"

Julia sighed, "He is known for being lazy and frequenting brothels. He often throws lavish parties and is well known for his perverse nature. They say he beds a different woman every day. He is also someone who fat and actually came up with the nickname Fatty. Oddly enough he is more than happy for the residents of this territory to refer to himself as such, thus the name Lord Fatty."

This time it was Agnes who failed to stifle her laughter. Julia shook her head while the Lady behind the curtain smirked in amusement. "Since he is in charge of administration, this 'Fatty' must be quite capable to have created a symbiotic relationship with a gang like the Lollipop gang. Am I wrong?"

"No, your highness," both Agnes and Julia replied.

"Oddly enough no one in the territory seems to realize his achievements and call him lazy. Our spies verified that the fatty does indeed never enter his office however he constantly has his assistant close by to carry out his orders. He barely ever records anything down on paper, meaning he somehow has a way of remembering most of the details regarding his work despite his constant debauchery. He is indeed perverse but lazy is not the word to use, he just does his job so well that he makes it look easy. Everyone attributes the city's improvements to the gang but I believe there is more than meets the eye regarding this Fatty. After meeting with him myself I will confirm my decision. Now let me rest."

Agnes and Julia remained quiet as their mistress began to sleep without a care in the world. Their distress was still evident as a sigh would escape their mouths every once in a while.


De Watzer Mansion.

The doors of the de Watzer mansion opened with a loud creak. A young man exited, bottle in hand while swaying from side to side. The young man was quite fat, his belly protruded out of his stomach and hints of his chubbiness were littered all over his face. Yet despite this he still had quite the charming face. Were it not for his drunken expression he would look even more charming. He had fiery red hair and blue eyes that gave him an incredible contrast. His baby like face had skin as clear as jade and his large body made him appear larger than he was.

Behind him was a middle aged man with glasses and a scar that stretched horizontally across his left eye. Many often wondered how he could still see with such a scar. The fat young man wobbled as he walked to the gate of the mansion with his aide in hand.

Maids were working within the courtyard and started gossiping the moment the young man left house.

"He is so disgusting!"

"Why can't he be more like his brothers?"

"He is no different from a pregnant woman."

The last remark made many of the maids giggle. Hearing their dainty little voices the fat young man turned his lecherous eyes to them and squinted so much his eyes looked like two horizontal slits.

The maids in question screamed and ran for their dear lives. Fearing becoming his next victims, for this was the infamous Kylerius Fatty de Watzer, or Lord Fatty as he was more commonly known. Rumour had it that he a habit of forcing himself on any maid he chose, due to his noble status few could resist and even fewer were willing to talk about it.

"Hmph! That's right; you better make sure this daddy doesn't catch you." With a snort Fatty ignored the maids and continued on his way to the gate. His aide, only known as Mr Ozil continued on, adjusted his glasses and followed his master.

In his office on the second floor, Lord Jakob de Watzer looked on at the happenings below with disgust evident on his face. He was extremely annoyed by this son of his.

"Ever since he was born he had always been a disgrace!" With anger he turned around and slammed his hand on his desk. Jakob was a handsome man with white hair covering his face. There was no doubt that when he was younger he was quite the lady killer like the young man in front of him.

"Father, despite what you say, he is our link to the Lollipop gang, without him we would not able to communicate with them," said David de Watzer, the oldest son. Jakob looked at his blonde blue eyed son and sighed, slumping into his chair. "I just don't understand. Why? Why does the Lollipop gang insist on using that fool! If they just talked directly with me things would go much smoother."

David took a sip of his brandy. "Don't forget Father that it was Kylerius who managed to communicate with them in the first place. He is quite smart, although he could make a few improvements..." As David's voice trailed off, Jakob rubbed his temples in deep contemplation.

Ever since Fatty was born his father had always looked badly upon him, Lady Anna de Watzer died giving birth to Fatty. Due to this, Jakob had been stricter on fatty than any of his other sons. Yet despite his close watch, the cunning little Fatty had managed to circumvent every trial thrown his way.

Fatty was born large, and has been so ever since. From diets to training to magic, nothing worked on reducing his fat, making it impossible to train the boy in martial arts. Jakob started out as a peasant and made his way up to Knight then Lord through hard work. His first 6 sons were just as physically gifted as he was, but Fatty was a lost cause.

As if pitying the boy, the gods blessed Fatty with incredible intelligence and wisdom incongruous of his age. He had the memory of an elephant and the cunning of a fox. That coupled with his hatred for physical labour and his lewd nature made an eyesore for the de Watzer Family.

David always had a soft spot for Fatty for he was the only one among them who physically resembled their mother with his hair and eyes. Thus he made sure to have the boy's intellect put to good use. Fatty was studied military tactics, sciences, multiple languages, magic, mathematics, astronomy, art and politics. David hoped to make the boy a pillar of the family, and indeed he did become indispensable, but in the matter that David hoped for. He was an excellent administrator, but his many adventures brought shame to the family and brought Jakob many sleepless nights.


Fatty wobbled across the town of Morgen. Rum in his left hand and meat in his right, he strutted across the street toward his favourite brothel.

"Fuck off you fat pig!"

"Das right! Piss off you git!"

A group of rag tag kids threw garbage at fatty while throwing insults. This was not an unusual situation in this town as many hated Fatty. Most of the garbage missed but a crumpled piece of paper hit Fatty's right hand. He shrieked and dropped his meat and rum.

The rum container broke on the ground while the drumstick rolled into a sewer.

"No!" Fatty knelt when he saw his loss and cried in dismay. Then with his eyes red he picked up the paper that had hit him and aimed at one of the children that had hit him, but they scurried away quickly. Mr Ozil did nothing and merely looked on at the happenings. Fatty silently cursed and crushed the paper in his hands. In embarrassment Fatty moved quickly to his empty office that he barely ever used.

His office was in the Lords Offices. He wobbled on, huffing and puffing while others laughed at his mannerisms. One look at his dusty knees and his embarrassment made no one question what had happened. They were far too used to his comical actions.

Except for the ornaments and furniture the room was virtually empty. The moment fatty entered the embarrassed drunken look on his face quickly vanished. His wobbling stopped and his stature straightened.

With practiced ease Mr Ozil locked the door and closed the curtains. Fatty sat on one of the sofas and unravelled the crumpled up paper. The insignia of a Red Eagle appeared at the top left of the paper.

"Lighter!" Said Fatty in a cold voice.

Mr Ozil brought out a lighter and lit it behind the paper. The scribbles squirmed and changed into sensible words. Fatty's face once more formed slits as he read the contents. Once he was done he made the paper touch the lighter and it started burning in his chubby hands. Without being told so Ozil took the paper and carried it to the trash.

Ozil was aware of his master's secrecy thus he didn't try to read the contents, but the word 'Marriage Proposal' were written in bold at the top of the paper.

Fatty smirked in his seat as he thought of the consequences of this letter. "Mr. Ozil, get me my finest suit. We are getting visitors today."