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5 Massacre

 "It looks like its another group that's dominated by summoners." The man who had spoken was a middle aged warrior with jet black hair and was so extremely burly.

"Shouldn't you be happy Nyasha? You're a summoner yourself, I don't understand why you have to sound so disappointed when more summoners pop up." Another middle aged man spoke out.

"Obviously people like you don't understand." Nyasha started. "The more summoners there are that means more work for me, and that will also create imbalance in our army. Imagine an army full of summoners and no proper warriors."

"As much as I hate saying this I agree with Nyasha." An old frail looking man spoke. "But there is nothing we can do about it. Its not like we can forcefully choose an ability for them."

The people who were observing the battle were always bickering with each other, except for one man.

Compared to the other people in the room this man looked weak. Even the frail old man looked more formidable than he did. Even though his eyes were on the battlefield, unlike most people who were scanning the whole battlefield he only focused on one point.

Beside him was a very beautiful girl, this girl was non other than Maka. She had noticed that the middle aged man kept staring at one particular boy. At some point she was even intrigued by how the boy was fighting, but she lost interest when she saw that even after killing so many people he still was not able to awaken his ability.

She had looked away for at least half an hour and had expected the man to do the same, but to her surprise the man kept staring at that one boy. The only difference this time was that he was looking at the boy the way a beggar would look a gold.

"Why are you so interested in that one particular boy?" Maka asked. "Its not like he stands out. He is good fighter but so are the hundred other people down there. Even his fighting style seems kind of cowardly at times."

"Hahaha..." The middle aged man laughed and then said. "That's where you are wrong...he is the best of the bunch actually. He's gonna survive this."

"Oh!... You're that confident in him. Do you mind telling me wh-"

"Actually let me rephrase that." The man said cutting Maka off. " He might be the only one who survives."

Maka didn't have the time to be shocked because as soon as the man had finished his words a deafening scream reverberated throughout the battlefield. This agonizing scream caught the attention of every single person who was observing the battle below, and when their eyes landed on that side of the battlefield they couldn't help but be shocked.


Down on the battlefield, Taku who a minute ago was on a killing spree, was now clutching his head in agony. Every part of his body felt like it was on fire whilst at the same time he felt as if he was constantly getting zapped by electricity.

He felt as if his body could collapse at any time. Veins popped out across his body as he eyes turned bloodshot. At the beginning he felt like screaming and so he did, but at present he felt like just putting his fist through something. Be it a punching bag, a table, a wall or even... A skull.

To him only the fourth option was available to him, so he quickly turned around and without even thinking twice he charged towards the closest person and smashed the poor victim's brain. The minute he did so he felt an incredible bloodlust wash over his brain and caused his thoughts and emotions to be muddled. All he wanted to do at the moment was kill.


Taku let out other scream as he charged again towards the closest person. Everywhere that he passed blood was spilled. At the moment he felt like the current battlefield was his playroom and the people were nothing more than toys just waiting to be tossed around by him.

He had currently killed at least thirty people but he felt no fatigue at all, instead he actually kind of felt excited. At the moment his cowardice was nowhere to be seen, all that he had left was ruthlessness and excitement. He had all the money in the world when he was on earth but the feeling he had now were he couldn't even properly control his body, was a thousand, no ten thousand times more satisfying than having money.

He wanted to kill, he felt as if thats all could do, he felt as if in his life killing was the only thing that made sense.Taku looked at the chaotic battlefield in front of him and felt a warm feeling creep up to his heart, it felt almost as if he had found the home he had searched for all his life.


After maliciously laughing for a while Taku began moving again. As he moved he failed to notice that on his arms and legs layers of smoke began to appear on his arms and legs. At first the smoke was barely noticeable, but the more he killed the thicker it became.

He grabbed one unfortunate boy and threw him towards another,and then charged out towards them without giving them time to react. Taku punched towards the chest of the boy who was in the air, but to his surprise the little resistance he was expecting didn't show itself, instead he felt as if he was punching through melting butter.


Before he know it his fist had completely gone through the person's chest and had arrived right in front of the other guys face. The second boy was so so scared he lost his ability to move. He just stood there looking at the incoming fist whilst cursing at himself for being too weak. He also couldn't help but curse his bad luck for meeting a monster like Taku, because right now he was the only one who could properly see what was happening to the boy who had been thrown to him, that boy was melting.

Yes, melting.

Before he could even properly organize his thoughts the fist had already reached his temple. But unlike his companion who had been melted he simply just turned into dust. The people around who noticed what happened were so scared that they stopped their own battles and began running away.

The rest were shocked to see their opponents running away, so much so that they couldn't immediately chase after them. Some chased whilst some decided to fight whoever was around them. One unlucky bastard decided to attack Taku, its safe to say that he didn't even have time to regret his own actions.

He swung his sword towards Taku, and to his splendid surprise Taku made no effort to dodge. He smiled viciously as he applied more force into his strike, but his smile quickly froze when he saw the casual smile on Taku's little face, and then in the next moment pure darkness invaded his vision as he slowly disintegrated.

The sword had hit Taku but had quickly melted away, leaving the attacking person weaponless and defenseless. The rest of the spectators finally realized why the others had ran away, it was not because they had been afraid to die from fighting them, instead it was because of this monster of a human in-front of them.

The ones with strong will were still able to move and run away, but at least half just stood there dumbly waiting for their death. It didn't take more than five breaths of time for Taku to completely clear the scene. This battle to him was the least interesting, because he felt as if he was punching and kicking balloon statues that would pop on contact. To a certain degree he felt as if he was actually bullying these people

He quickly made his mind up to find himself more entertainment. He found that most people were running in different directions , but some out of panic had just followed the closest person to them. This led to there being groups of four or five people, and these groups were the ones he planned on targeting.

He moved towards one particular group and in an instant he had caught up to them. This caused the group of children to be scared out of their wits. They all launched an attack towards Taku at the same time, but they found that after this attack only the handles of their swords remained.

They were so scared that one of them decided to beg for mercy.

"Ahhhh!... No don't kill me.... I'm willing to b-"

Before he could even finish his sentence he had already been punched by a fist that had a thick layer of smoke around it. He was quickly turned into nothing as his companions tried to use this small amount of time to try run away.

Their actions though were futile. As soon as they turned around Taku was already kicking out towards the closest victim. It is only took less than five breaths for him to finish the remaining three.

Afterwards he looked around to try find anyone to fight with, but there was no one in sight. This left him very disappointed.

"These children can surely run fast when they are close to death."

After mumbling for a while Taku picked a random direction and went that way.


The people who were viewing the battlefield were all flabbergasted, well except one man. That man had a smile on his face, and in his mind there was only one thought 'I need to get this kid'. Everyone else could barely find words to explain how they felt, their jaws were wide open and their eyes were almost popping out of their heads.

They had overseen a lot of these battles and even though there was a lot of bloodshed it still didn't compare to the battles they had participated in. At the end of the day it was just a bunch of ten year olds killing each other. It was nothing too intriguing, but this time it was different because this time they saw a ten year old who in terms of ruthlessness was at their level. What they didn't know was that Taku at the moment could not really control his body.

Maka, who had called Taku's fighting style cowardly now felt a bit awkward. Of course she was right when she called it cowardly because that was before Taku had been completely taken over by bloodlust.

"Looks like I was wrong. He really hid himself well..." Maka mumble under her breath.

"Haha..." The weak looking middle aged person next to her laughed and said. "You were right actually, its not that he hid himself well, because when you are that weak what exactly does one have to hide. He has tremendous potential... Probably more than you do. But he can't control his ability properly, thus leading to the current situation."

"You want him don't you?" Maka asked

The middle aged man nodded.

Maka replied. "Its not going to be easy to get him. Everyone is looking at him like he is made of gold."

All the people observing had their own thoughts about what was happening down there, but all of them really wanted to have Taku as a student. But they all knew that doing so was not going to be easy, they could see the determination in each others eyes. None of them was going to give up that easily. Even Nyasha who was part of the summoning division was trying his best to come up with a way to snatch Taku away.

The middle aged man didn't even bother looking towards the other people. When he heard Maka's words he just smiled and said. "You don't need to worry about that, he's already mine. You should prepare yourself, soon you won't be my only student."