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Beneath the Embroidered Brocade

Author: littleredblossom

Lastchapter: 117 With Company and Plums

Updated: 2020-07-11 09:36

117 With Company and Plums
116 Conversing Rivalries
115 An Anonymous Letter, an Investigation
114 Questioning A Madman
113 Small Bones
112 Taking a Stroll
111 Reading a Disturbing Journal
110 Following the Path of Floating Driftwood
109 Going to a Quiet Place
108 Disturbance
107 Tracking Party
106 The Encounter
105 Marches Toward the Border Town
104 Fur and Flesh
103 After a New Year Comes Snow
102 The Arrival of Lady Lan
101 Madam Lus Resentmen
100 Three Rusty Coins
99 A Troubling Nigh
98 News
97 Little Chick
96 Thank you for Everything
95 A Certain Demise
94 The Art of Blackmailing
93 Have you not Learned from your Previous Generation?
92 Where is Xiao Ya?
91 The Lady in Blue
90 The Wanted Fugitives
89 Lighting Firecrackers
88 Times may have changed
87 In Hard Though
86 Three people go in, two come ou
85 Pair of Bloodshot Eyes
84 Flames in the Nigh
83 Not Wearing Red
82 New Years Eve Dinner
81 Coming too Early
80 The Little Bookworm in Solitude
79 The Serpent Shaped Wound
78 Couplets in Red
77 Small Creatures
76 Sweet Potatoes and Snow Peaches
75 But, No One Knew
74 Women of the Same Roots
73 Ruins of a Plan
72 Flying Serpent Insignia
71 Piter, Patter, Drops of Blood
70 A Warm Cloak
69 If not Drought, then Flood
68 The strange Guests
67 Parting with a Shell Coin
66 The Couple in the Alleyway
65 Ending up on a Doorstep
64 Madam Lus Shady Deals
63 Reviewing the Notices
62 Fugitives in the Border Town
61 Simple Pigheaded Official
60 The Attempt at Flamboyance
59 The Straw Man
58 The thing with sharp teeth
57 A Moment for Candied Hawthorn
56 Business Matters
55 The man with the scarf
54 Young, Tender Grass
53 Broken Porcelain
52 Embroidery Shop
51 A warm bath
50 A Kind Lady
49 Socializing for the first time
48 Gan Tian Chis message
47 Stay safe out there
46 The mysterious brothel
45 Indulgence and Drunkenness
44 Matters of the hear
43 A room rented, a pouch of silvers
42 Gan Tian Chis teachings
41 Going to the border town for noodles
40 The little red worm
39 Testing poison on guinea pigs
38 Are you trying to steal my food?
37 If you want to live, go lef
36 Self exploration in the poisonous fores
35 Testing on ones self
34 There are a lot of people in the forest lately
33 Oyster shell coins
32 Oyster shells and vinegar
31 Serpent sword
30 Smelling the wine
29 Dream of the waterfall
28 Lost in thought, with delicious food
27 Cottage in the woods
26 I now know what I want to do
25 An old hobby
24 Irresponsible guardian
23 One year feels like an eternity
22 Blood or snow
21 The abondoned temple
20 A fortune teller or charlatan
19 Aftermath
18 Uncle nephew talk
17 The Gongsun Clan
16 The explosion that shook the city
15 Strange door
14 Mad words of a dying man
13 Secrets
12 Little girl
11 The previous head imperial physician
10 My lords, don't go in there
9 Raid on Shen manor
8 The Forbidden Ground
7 Argument over old master Shen's personal quarters
6 Unrest within the Imperial City
5 Result of a secret investigation
4 Rumors
3 Terror in Shui Xian Palace
2 Can't save my Beloved Consort?
1 A Difficult Birth